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Civic Value: Leadership


Honor  presidents George Washington and Abraham Lincoln and use this holiday to focus on the Constitution and the federal, state and individual rights it grants and protects. Washington modeled the way he thought we should live by the Constitution and Lincoln fought to preserve and protect the Constitution.  


When less than 25% of all students know the three branches of government and 70% of American adults cannot pass a basic civic literacy test, we can all benefit from brushing up on our citizenship skills. Know how we got the Constitution, what it says, how it can be preserved, protected and changed.


It’s hard to imagine a more important time to explore how the Constitution impacts our lives. The resources we offer will help you to do that.


Have a great holiday!


User-friendly ceremonies to make your holiday more memorable and fun

Connect heart, mind, and hands to make a one of a kind holiday keepsake

A range of activities and suggestions to enrich your holiday celebration

Additional resources including holiday timelines, booklists, other websites and more

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