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Use our Guides to Raising Politically Active Citizens to celebrate Presidents' Day your way. Try "We the People: A Background Guide” to learn about children who acted to protect their Constitutional rights. With “We the People: Take Action” find resources and inspiration to increase civic engagement. Review "We the People: Civic Engagement" to test your civic literacy and consider ways to exercise your own political voice and become more involved in your local community.

Freedom's Feast's Guides to Raising Politically Active Citizens


We the People - Background Info 2020_Pag

We the People: A Background Guide profiles three important Supreme Court cases initiated by children objecting to school  violations of their First Amendment rights.

We the People - Take Action 2020.jpg

We the People: Take Action is an introductory guide to political activism.

We the People - Civic Engagement

We the People: Civic Engagement contains further resources for a deeper dive into becoming a politically engaged citizen.

Exercise in 21st century Presidential Agendas:


Want a quick way to see what the priorities and leadership styles are of our presidents in the 21st century?

Compare and contrast the webpages of the White House. This is where citizens can go to see briefings, read speeches, look at presidential priorities, and see the teams our presidents have gathered around them.

By law, the final page of the outgoing administration is preserved by the National Archives as the incoming administration posts the new White House webpage.

What differences do you see in the way the pages are laid out?

What differences are there in issues identified?

What differences do you find in speaking styles and substance?

Do you see a difference in the way the presidents interact with the press?

What do the differences and similarities tell you about the presidents, their agendas and their leadership styles?

If you could give them any advice, what would it be?

What do you learn from their example?



Enjoy exploring our  "Table Talk" exercises for the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Use our questions to consider the many ways our Constitution and Bill of Rights impact our lives today and have affected our American stories.The Constitution has often been called a “Bundle of Compromises.” 

Bill of Rights Summary 2020.jpg

The Bill of Rights Summary is a brief introduction to the Bill of Rights and the protections guaranteed to citizens by our Constitution.

Constitution Summary 2020_Page_1.jpg

The Constitutional Articles Summary walks participants through the seven Constitutional articles, which include the provisions that establish the three branches of our government.

Compromises, Compromises 2020.jpg

Compromises, Compromises: A Bundle of Compromises highlights the agreements and concessions made by members of the Constitutional Convention to create the Constitution that would govern our country.

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