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Civic Virtue: Enterprise


The pandemic has changed the way we work and the work we do. Millions of Americans have lost jobs and cannot afford to re-enter the workplace as low wage earners. One in four Americans currently do some part of their work from home and three in four want work from home as an option moving forward. All Americans are grateful to those who work to help us to live safely. In the spirit of Labor Day, we also know that our workplaces "need work." They must be just, safe  and equitable for all.

 Please follow public health guidelines over the holiday weekend and throughout September as we return to busy work and school schedules. Be safe for yourself and others.


Enjoy the resources below to  explore the connections between Labor Day and our lives today. 


User-friendly ceremonies to make your holiday more memorable and fun

Connect heart, mind, and hands to make a one of a kind holiday keepsake

A range of activities and suggestions to get more out of your holiday celebration

Additional resources including holiday timelines,  other websites and more

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