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Ceremonies to Choose highlights the historical significance and purpose of the Constitution and Bill of Rights. With quotes from presidents and other leaders, recall how the Constitution was created and consider how it affects our lives.  Visit our Glossary for key definitions.


Ways to use ceremonies:

  • Read through as a formal holiday observance.

  • Select a segment or hyperlink to spark a group discussion.

  • Ask participants to read the ceremony in advance. Discuss it at your celebration or follow up with a book reading from our Explore More “Suggested Book List”.

Enjoy adapting our ceremonies and let us know what works for you!

Our Full Ceremony celebrates many of our great presidents and our unique government.

PDF- 2020 Single Page PD Ceremony.jpg

Our Short Ceremony is an abbreviated version of the full ceremony, intended for classrooms and small gatherings.


Use our Ceremony Glossary to learn more about ceremony keywords.

PDF - Presidents Day Ceremony Glossary 2

Our Single Page Ceremony is perfect if you are short on time. 

PDF- FullCeremony-2020_Page_1.jpg
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