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The Presidents' Day Book List features recommended children's books suggested by our Freedom's Feast partner, the Enoch Pratt Free Library. Visit the "Presidents" link listed below for a visual and historical review of our nation's presidents, an informative site run by the White House. Enjoy “A Shout Out for Speaking Out,” the story of Ted Well's 4th grade class. Learn how they convinced a major corporation to change its website. The Presidents' Day Timeline highlights key historical events described in the Freedom's Feast Presidents' Day ceremonies.

A Shout Out For Speaking Out profiles young citizens' activism and their successful efforts.

Shout out for Speaking out 2020.jpg

Use our Suggested Reading List to learn more about our Nation’s presidents, the history of our government, and key leaders who played important roles in the founding of our country.

Presidents Day Suggested Books 2020_Page

Our Presidents’ Day Timeline presents an overview of the events that led up to the passage of our Constitution and the amendments that have been added since it was enacted in 1787. 

Presidents Day TImeline 2020_Page_1.jpg

Enjoy these special Presidential Quotes that tell us what made the United States and its freedoms so special to our presidents.

Presidents Day Quotes 2020.jpg
Presidents Day Quotes 2020.jpg

Thanks to Ms. Green's Middle School History Club in Lexington, Nebraska for sharing this great link about presidential powers from the National Paralegal College.


Celebrate Presidents' Day by making your own flash cards of the U.S. Presidents, use virtual ones, or purchase a set.

While the virtual cards are great for testing your memory and presidential knowledge, you can take your printed flash cards and play memory, order them by century, or alphabetize them. Set a 5x9 goal and learn about 5 new presidents at a family meal for the next 9 days!

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