Civic Value: It's all About Gratitude


Welcome to our original Freedom's Feast celebration created 20 years ago as a response to 9/11. Two decades later, we continue to face serious challenges as a nation.


Deep divisions separate us, threaten national unity and test our resolve. Gratitude may not be the first thing we think of if these differences are present in our families. At Thanksgiving, we  can allow our differences to sew conflict and resentment or we can see them as an opportunity to better understand one another.  We can acknowledge the importance of family and our deep gratitude for the bonds that connect us as we seek  meaningful, memorable ways to gather.  

Please use the clickable resources below  to enrich your time together (whether in person or virtual) this holiday. Who knows?  You may end up with some new family traditions!  Most of all, explore how gratitude can  help us to meet the many challenges ahead. 


Be kind. Be curious. Be civil. Be safe!

User-friendly ceremonies to make your holiday more memorable and fun 

A range of activities and suggestions to enrich your holiday celebration

Connect heart, mind, and hands to make a one-of-a-kind holiday keepsake

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