Civic Value: It's all About Gratitude


Welcome to our original Freedoms Feast celebration! We all love Thanksgiving; America's most widely celebrated holiday.  Its centerpiece meal and universal appeal allows us to reflect on what makes our nation special:

  • Give thanks for the freedoms we enjoy

  • Learn more about family American stories

  • Explore America's civic heritage

  • Do more than eat, watch football, and shop

First created as a response to 9/11, it began with a ceremony to express the basic gratitude we all felt for being Americans. We expanded over the years to include other holidays and the additional Thanksgiving experiences below.


User-friendly ceremonies to make your holiday more memorable and fun 

Connect heart, mind, and hands to make a one of a kind holiday keepsake

A range of activities and suggestions to enrich your holiday celebration

Additional resources including holiday timelines, booklists, other websites and more

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