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George and Abe

It’s great when our Presidents’ Day celebration coincides with the four year re-election cycle of our president. We are actually paying attention to the idea of the office and perhaps even the process of how someone lands there.

We’re certainly deluged this year by nonstop coverage of the primaries leading up to the general election and the exciting thing, unless I am mistaken, is a genuine uptick in engagement. Everywhere I go people are talking about it.

Imagine what Washington and Lincoln might say about the current environment that surrounds our political fray.

Washington: I could have used campaign funds like that from the government back in the day. Not for the presidency. Didn’t even campaign for that one. I’m talking about the other—against the British. Had to beg over and over like a common vagabond.

Lincoln: What about those debates? Name-calling is for school-yard bullies isn’t it, George? Some is mildly clever but it does seem a poor substitute for an honest answer.

Washington: It took me three days to get to the inauguration in a horse and buggy and everyone knew I tied my hair back and powdered it. No shame in it. But the guy with the giant blond pouf? What is that? He flies to every event in a private flying contraption so he can get home each night to sleep in his own bed. What will he do if he actually ends up in the White House?

Lincoln: And the commentators. No, I’m mistaken. I believe they are called pundits now. Do you think that they and the rest of the American public may weary of hearing their same hundred thoughts over and over again. In our day, we would have sent them all out to the woodpile. There’s nothing like chopping wood to clear the brain.

Washington: Listen to us sounding like two crotchety old timers. We should be grateful that people are still voting.

Lincoln: Still free to argue after all these years over who should be president.

Washington: Ah, God help the man…

Lincoln: or the woman now, George. A woman can get the job. They passed the 19th amendment and women are voting.

Washington: Nineteen you say?

Lincoln: Including the 1st ten in the Bill of Rights. I have it on good authority that there are twenty-seven in all.

Washington: Hmmm. Only twenty seven changes to a two hundred and twenty seven year old document. Not bad. Better than I thought they’d do. Where was I, Abe? Ah yes, God help the man or woman…

Lincoln: Well, hold on there now, George. From what I hear, it’s gotten a shade more complicated than that. Might also be a woman who realizes that she is supposed to be a man. Or could be a man who realizes that he should be a woman, dresses like a woman and wears a wig like people think you used to do. And you know how I always loved inventions. In 2016, they might choose to follow the whole darn drama on a little projection device every voter carries in his vest pocket!

Washington: You know what I think, Abe? I think it was harder but simpler in our day. I say let’em have it. But I do hope they keep having at it.

Enjoy your Presidents’ Day. Honor our Presidents by getting involved in this year’s election and sharing your involvement with your children and grandchildren.

Create your own scripts of an interaction between two or more past presidents and what they might think about our current election. Post them on our facebook page. We’d love to read them and share them with others.

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