There are many ways to use our ceremonies. Read a ceremony as a formal holiday observance. Choose a segment to spark discussion. Ask participants to read it in advance then discuss it at your celebration or follow up with a book reading from the suggested book list in our "Explore More" section. Read it with your group and stop at key points to explore the hyperlinks in the ceremony. Send "Table Talk" to participants beforehand and use their experiences for discussion during the ceremony. Enjoy adapting a ceremony to your setting and let us know what works for you!

Our Full Ceremony for older participants and students includes multiple hyperlinks to extend learning and highlight the role that young people and children played in the civil rights movement.

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The Storytelling Ceremony uses the power of stories from historical figures and those with direct experience of the Civil Rights Movement to learn about important events from more than a generation ago. 

MLK Storytelling Ceremony

The Children March! Ceremony works well for families and younger users. It focuses on the special courage of children during the movement.

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Our Five Minute Retrospective is an abbreviated version of the full ceremony, intended for classrooms and small gatherings. 

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