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Celebrate Your Way provides four resources to encourage conversation and stimulate service. "Table Talk" gives elders a platform to pass on their civil rights stories to inspire the current generation of students as they confront their own civil rights challenges.  Take a look at "Recovering Untold Stories" to read recollections from participants in the landmark  Brown v Board case. Our other resources help to honor and perpetuate the service that Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. so deeply valued.  

Everybody Can Be Great Because Everybody Can Serve is a starting place for children who are interested in service or a service project.

Use Table Talk to share stories from older family members and friends about the civil rights era and other times when they may have fought injustice.

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Young Heroes of the Civil Rights Movement profiles children and young adults who played important roles in the Civil Rights Movement. 

   Explore this report published by the University of Kansas Libraries. It features stories from 23 participants in the Brown v Board Supreme Court case that outlawed segregation in our nation's public schools. 

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