Civic Value: It's all About Gratitude


Welcome to our original Freedom's Feast celebration! First created 19 years ago as a response to 9/11, we again find ourselves deeply challenged as a nation.


Part of the challenge requires many of us to plan for a Thanksgiving quite different from past celebrations. This can make us even more eager to find meaningful, memorable ways to gather with those we love. We yearn to connect with each other and to the purpose of the holiday. 

We hope the clickable resources below will help you to do just that!  We also hope that you'll explore how gratitude can  help all of us to meet the many challenges ahead. 


Be kind. Be curious. Be civil. Be safe!

User-friendly ceremonies to make your holiday more memorable and fun 

A range of activities and suggestions to enrich your holiday celebration

Connect heart, mind, and hands to make a one-of-a-kind holiday keepsake

Additional resources including holiday timelines, booklists, other websites and more