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Ceremonies help us to stop and think about why we've gathered. They remind us that the holiday has a unique purpose. We offer a range of ceremonies from the simple “Try a Slice”  to our full version with its many variations. Some of the ceremonies we offer were created by others to make their own traditions for friends and family. We hope you enjoy our options and are inspired to create your own. Conduct them wherever your group gathers — usually before eating!

A Memory Harvest 

(use stories to honor or remember those who cannot be with us at our Thanksgiving Table)


The Freedom's Feast Thanksgiving Ceremony Options 

(use to spark conversations about gratitude and the many reasons we are thankful)

Full Thanksgiving Ceremony

(Original 2001 ceremony with several variations, many margin quotes, facts, and additional celebration ideas)

IMAGE FF DOC full ceremony 2019.jpg

"Try A Slice" 10-Minute Thanksgiving Ceremony

(Updated each year and take just ten minutes )

FF Ten Minute Version 2021-jpeg.jpg

                  A Memory Harvest
                Stories that express  our gratitude for loved ones we miss at Thanksgiving 

A Memory Harvest Guide for Leaders

(STEP 1 : Setting up and leading a meaningful Memory Harvest experience)

2021  A Memory Harvest Guide for Leaders-jpeg.jpg

A Ceremony for Non-Family Gatherings

(Engaging group experience created almost entirely from primary texts )

2019_Ceremony_NonFamily _CNelson.jpg

Memory Harvest Tips

(STEP 2Guidelines to share with Memory Harvest storytellers in advance)

2021 A Memory Harvest Tips-jpeg.jpg


(A 2013 ceremony adapted for use when Hanukkah starts soon after Thanksgiving )

Thanksgivukkah 2021-jpeg.jpeg

A Memory Harvest

(STEP 3: Group Reading for storytellers and all participants at Thanksgiving)

2021 A Memory Harvest-jpeg.jpg

Thanksgiving Interfaith Ceremony

(Created specifically for  multi-faith group celebrations)

Thanksgiving Interfaith Service 2018_Pag
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