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There are many ways to experience this holiday.  Recall our own family and community stories about military service and pass them on to others. Take action for the men, women and families who currently serve in the armed forces to show how much we appreciate them. Have a picnic and include some Freedom's Feast suggestions. There is no one right way to celebrate. Your choice is the best choice. 

FF Memorial Day Picnic Fun 2021- image P
FF Memorial Day Singalong 2021
FF Taking Action - Remembering 2021-imag

Taking Action: Remembering

Ways to remember those who died in service to our country

FF Taking Action - Acting 2021-image.jpg

Taking Action: Acting For Those Who Serve

Ways to thank and help veterans and those who are serving

FF Taking Action - Learning 2021-image.j

Taking Action: Learning Through Stories

Conversation starters for talking with those who have served and are serving

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