Exploring how work works for us

Work is such a big part of our lives and most of us are so busy working that we forget to talk about our work and what it means to us. Labor Day gives us a chance to have those conversations. We hope these resources will help!


Please take a few minutes before your Labor Day meal or during your celebration to read our simple ceremony with your group. Print it out or use your smartphones. Look for connections between your life today and Labor Day's original purpose. Remembering why we have this holiday lets us make important discoveries about our country and ourselves.



Try these suggestions to make your Labor Day picnic or cookout more fun and memorable.



Enjoy the songs and poem we've selected or choose something else you find that's related to work. A sing-along is always fun.



Enjoy our Table Talk exercise designed with our partner, the Children's Museum of Manhattan (CMOM). What Did You Do at Work Today? helps participants to have great conversations about their work.



A dozen tips to help instill lifelong enterprise values, skills, and habits in kids.




Our Keepsake activity gives children a fun way to thank a worker they know or to dream about the work they'd like to do.


Try a shorter activity developed with our partners at CMOM to help children thank neighborhood workers.



The National Archives' "The Way We Worked" Exhibit is a remarkable resource that details the history of American workers from the mid 19thcentury through the late 20th century.



Learn more about the history behind Labor Day. 






















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