Honoring sacrifice and service


Freedom’s Feast has a range of Memorial Day resources to honor the memory of those who died in military service to our country, and to support our veterans and those who continue to serve.


Memorial Day began after the Civil War when surviving family members decorated soldiers’ graves. The first national observance took place at Arlington National Cemetery on May 30, 1868. After World War I, observance grew to include armed forces members who died in all wars. The National Holiday Act of 1971 shifted Memorial Day fromMay 30 to the last Monday in May. The change made Memorial Day a federal holiday and part of a three day weekend that also marks the beginning of summer.


We hope you enjoy this special time off with friends and family. We also hope that you’ll take time to experience the purpose of the holiday and share stories and lessons you care about as citizens.




Try the brief Freedom’s Feast Memorial Day ceremony or the ceremony options created by our partners at the Major Stuart Adam Wolfer Institute. Use a ceremony before or after the National Moment of Remembrance, before or after your Memorial Day meal, while visiting a military cemetery or any other time that best works for you.





There are so many ways to experience the holiday and show that it matters. We can remember its purpose and celebrate that. We can recall our own family and community stories about military service and pass them on to others. We can take action for the men, women and families who currently serve in the armed forces and show them how much we appreciate their sacrifices and commitment.  We can choose to connect to the holiday’s history with a patriotic sing-along.




Many of us love a traditional Memorial Day picnic. See our suggestions for ways to have your cook-out and a memorable holiday celebration too!





Create your own Memorial Day keepsake flag inspired by “Flags In” which takes place at Arlington National Cemetery and other veterans' cemeteries around the country for Memorial Day weekend. Our nation's practice is to lower the US Flag to half staff until noon on Memorial Day to honor our fallen heroes. After noon, we raise it to show that life in our nation continues.

If you write a letter of thanks to a current service person, consider making a flag for them too!




The Memorial Day Book List features recommended children's books suggested by our Freedom's Feast partner, the Enoch Pratt Free Library. Enjoy learning more about the armed services by taking our Military Trivia Quiz.


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